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Bulletin Board:Welcome to Changshu Pearl Shelf Making Factory!
  Storage Shelves
  Cantilever Shelves
  Drawer Type Mold Rack
  Multi-tier Rack
  Light Duty Storage Shelf
  Japan Style Shelves
  Universal Angle Steel Shelf
  Auto Parts Shelf
  Fork Trucks Series
  Ladder Cart
  Double-sided Shelf
  Single-sided Shelf
  Heavy Duty Supermarket Shelves
  Cosmetics Displaying Shelf
  Wire-net Backing Shelf
  Shaft Type Shelf
  Board Backing Shelf
  Tools Shelf
  Four Posts Rack
  Book & CD Shelves
  Checkout Counter
  Fruits & Vegetables Shelf
  Shopping Trolley
  Wire Grid Type Shelves
  Supermarket Shelf Accessories
  Displaying Shelves
  Platform Type Shelf

         Changshu Pearl Shelf Making Factory has located in Changshu City, which is just 120Km from Shanghai City. It has been treated as the most powerful development area of China in recent 10 years. Both business and tourism are very convenient here.
        Pearl Shelf is a professional shelf making factory, which is specialized in producing various kinds of shelves for both domestic market and the foreign market. It had done a lot of business in shelves with many countries such as France, Spain, UK, Germany, Turkey, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, United States and Canada. Our main products are supermarket shelves and warehouse shelves. In specifically, our products are including light duty supermarket shelf, medium & heavy duty supermarket shelf, pallet shelf, cantilever shelf, wire grid shelf, book shelf, tools shelf, mold shelf, tyre shelf, fruits and vegetables shelf, heavy duty warehouse shelf, check-out counter, shopping trolley, ladder cart, and other related storage shelves.

Changshu Pearl Shelf Making Factory
Address:No. 542, North of Chouzhou Road, Yiwu City, Zhejiang, China.
Contact: Mr Gao
Tel: 0512-52448368
Cell Phone: 18962345658
      E-Mail: [email protected]
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